SIZES 8- 28 

My story

In 2008 I decided I wanted a new direction in life, enrolled in a beauty therapist course at Pendleton collage Salford

Found an old building that needed renovating.

The new venture began,The large empty space once the canteen to the cotton mill.

Where do we start, there was no walls, broken windows, no ceiling, no heating, no water. 

Space had been emptying for 35 years

9 months later 3rd April 2009 I opened the doors to Dee Selecta, the 1st person through the door was an amazing T-girl called Chrissie, we became great friends never separated until her death on 3rd March 2016. Yes, it was the famous Sally Swings. 

Dee Selecta is a community where people can be themselves relax, have fun in a caring, safe, friendly environment.

I was  nominated for 2 awards in 2016

Trans* Service Company of the Year" category by Sparkle @ the inaugural "National Transgender Award "

The nominees for the "Outstanding Contribution to the Community" by Bolton Pride.

  Now feeling lots better decided to use my hobby of sewing to design items for  you 

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