Some of you will already know me
For those of you who dont
I was the proprietor  Dee Selecta shop from 2008 -2017 
The Gatehouse from 2014-2017
On the 3rd March 2016 by best friend died age only 53 
Since then life has been a roller coaster ,the ups and downs made me realise 
  To live my life to the full ,fill my life with positive memories and people
Most of my friends ,family and aquantasies are busy with there own lifes 
I have been travelling and going to events alone,
I  have the confidence to do that but realise  others are not as lucky as me  
This site is to bring people together from all lifestyles.
Just starting my new venture with The New enterprise plus
A few more course and then   we are off on the new chapter 
24/09/18 Business planning  People plus 
25/09/18 Business planning  People plus 


Expert  Knowledge


Speciality  Holidays


Non Judgmental 


100%  Trust 


100% Confidentiality


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“Our honeymoon was
magical, Thanks to Bon
Voyage’s exquisite planning.”


- Sara D. -

“Thanks Bon Voyage!

We loved every second & would go back there in a heartbeat.”


- Laura G. -

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