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I had planned my (business)trip for a long time hoping my wife would not come with me, so day of departure great joy as she did not come and I hurriedly packed my female suitcase.

Had booked with a large hotel in Dublin -The Burlington, as normally in large hotels nobody seems to bother who comes and goes... also to be on the safe side had earlier before changing looked for a place to eat and found a nice restaurant (not very well lit in some places which suited me) where I booked a table on the phone as Mrs...first night I was rather exited going out as Helene. On arrival at the restaurant - the Canal Bank Cafe, the staff were super and gave a nice table and thouroghly enjoyed myself. The waitresses were extremely nice and I was tempted to ask them when leaving what they thought...but finally thought it is no point pushing the issue.

Next evening, as I had enjoyed the restaurant so much, returned and the waitresses now recognised me and gave me same table again.

Following day, took the ferry to Holyhead and had hoped to be able to change onboard, but all cabins full so booked in at Travel lodge and changed to Helene and drove to Manchester.

Had booked with Dee Selecta a makeup training, so had agreed that I could stay with her.

Following morning, nicely shaved I was ready for the training. What a pleasure to be able to be Helene for the full day - change clothes; one for the morning, one for the afternoon and one for the evening.

The rest of the day stayed in the shop and really had a fiest being able to try different clothes, wigs, etc and ofcourse almost ruining my purse as a lot of good bargins. In the evening, we went out to the "Canal" in Manchester where we first had a nice dinner together, then went to a bar with other girls and to finish the evening in a pub... really a super trip which I now look ,back to with enjoyment!

Hi Dee

just wanted to say a great big thank you for a really great day!!
see you all again soon.
Hugs Mandy C

Hi Dee

It was really nice visiting your shop yesterday.It was a new experiance for me and i enjoyedit I hope i didnt say anything wrong...if so then no offence ....i am a beginer at the lauguage and conversation around crossdressing..... Please convey my thanks to Sally for being such a tactful and helpful person and making a lovly cup of tea!...i didnt chat with Micheala ,just said Hello ,but was very nice to meet her.....I was pleased when sally opened the door,she makes a goos 1St impression,and it was reassusing to see the shop staffed by both womenand women who understand...I was impressed by the numerous facilities that you showed me,you have nore than just a shop,althoughfor now i think i am brave just visiting your shop Love from Kay

Hi Dee

I really dont have the words to express just how grateful i am to you both,never been anywhere more welcoming or more helpfuland that feels so lonely.

I can not thank you enough for making Dawn possible .

Its just like being with friends,that why you have put up with me every saturday since i came in .

I had a wonderful time at sparkleall thanks to you and i know we will have a great time in blackpool on the 13th august.

All my love and thanks Dawn

Hi there Dee.

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for an amazing day. It's easy to write those two words, but they don't do justice to how friendly both yourself and Dave were; what a fantastic job you did with my make-up and out fit; the photos that Dave took (which I managed to leave with you - dizzy bimbo that I am). The thing that I would like to thank you for most of all, though, is how friendly and welcoming you both were. That's what made it a special day, and I look forward to seeing you both again.

All the very best wishes and thanks again.



We all have fears and trepidation when we first head out, it's certainly a confidence thing. Ive been going out on and off for years, but I popped into Dee's one day, en bloke, and was still made feel very welcome. So that's always an option for you to see what you think, and to get a feel for it.

Sally was in the shop when I popped in, and she's lovely (no she's not slipped me a tenner to say that!), tbh Dee wants to be supportive of us girls, rather than just rob us blind of our cash like certain other tranny shops do lol

OMG dee is the best she made me feel so welcome its un true eveyone is dead friendly doesnt matter who you are you should go down my 1st time was sooooo good she made me look beautiful check my pics not only that shes like a 2nd mum thanks dee xxxxxxxxxxx

Hiya, i'm a newby and have been to 3 TV shops in the last two months, all in male mode.

One was helpful and friendly but it felt a bit seedy.

One was rude, unhelpful and I got the impression they were trying to bleed my wallet dry......

Last was DeeSelecta, was made very welcome, felt relaxed, time was taken to listen to me and advise. I honestly couldn't ask for more. Its the shop that I will be returning too.

So if your unsure, don't be , be brave go along and enjoy

X X Janette

My 1st experience was at dee Selecta,she helped me come out into a world that is frightening and daunting i had been in the closet for 15 years,since going to deeselecta i have meet so many people and seen frightened people like myself ,grow into something they could only dream of .any one who doesnt know her should meet her . because i have never heard anything
but praise for herKeep up the great work, and all the support you give to the transgender community
Love Megan

Dee was so understandin the 1st time i visited.I always love coming to visit and you do a super job on the waxing
hugggs xxxxxx Rhonda

I still remember the first day, come a long way since then thanks to your love and help along the way .
love n hugs sally xxx

Fabulous that it has been a success, and anywhere that provides the service and freindly welcome that DeeSelecta does deserves huge respect.

Especially the chix for who the visit is a first time dressed in front of others, who I know always appreciate the help from Dee and all the regular tarts lol


I'm a regular visitor to Deeselecta and I must say it's more of a family/friends gettogether, evreyone there is lovely and it caters for all from first time girls to life longers. Dee is not commercially orientated at all, her parties are such a good laugh, she asks for a donation of £10 and this is very fair considering the costs of utilities these day!!! This also includes as much coffee and tea as you can drink and award winning sandwiches at lunchtime!!! Dee never tries to sell anything or push any services, it's just a great place to put on your best heels and have a laugh and joke with some great people. Well done on your two years bringing a safe and happy place to all.

See you soon Rach xxx

Thanks i was so nervis at frist but you where fab from the mintue i meet you bouth i felt at home you made me feel specal and also helped me
relix your shop's like a sweetie shop for us. and you did a fine job with my make over the frist one ever and on brithday wich add more fun. I am glad i came to you frist as i never forget the love joy and undersantding you give me
you did not even ask about size's he he or blik when up turned a wheelchair user all i can say is it was worth three hours on the trip up. If any one's not meet dee go meet her and i can say i u will love her. (you can only try ).
Sharha hugs

Hi darlings having known Dee now for a very long time and loved every time she has been involved in running tvclubs and know has branched into further fields, includeing dressing services, shop and also gained a scholarship in the field of cosmetic makeovers, and managing her own buisness, very professionaly and honesty at the forefront.


If it wasn't for Dee, I wouldn't be here now. I walked into Dee Selecta just before Xmas. I was shy and nervous and almost didn't get through the door. From the second I was in there, I was made to feel welcome. We chatted for about 2 hours during which all the anxiety I'd felt over the past god know how many years evaporated.
I booked a makeover and things haven't been the same since. You're made to feel special here - whether at a party, just browsing by yourself or popping in for a brew and a chat. I go there to dress every week. Dee, Megan and Sally are just fantastic people. I genuinely cannot put into words how much I love the place and the people there.
If you haven't been - give it a go.
Love to you all
Tamsin xxxxxxx

Great to see you still giving a helping hand to all the tgirls in the northwest. I always had a warm welcome when ever I have been . Nothing was ever too much trouble

You are such a wonderful ,caring person.

Huggs steff

I started at DeeSelecta in November 2009 and since then Dee and the staff at the shop has always been there for me; showing support above and beyond that you would expect as a customer.
I don't know where I'd be without you Dee,


Dee Selecta, and congratulations to you personally Dee, I know you have a strong band of helpers around you as well and that's vital.
As an owner of a small business myself, I know the struggles and the sacrifices you have made to help our sisters. Before Dees there was nothing like it in the North of England and I suspect there may never be another again, so come on girls, get yourselves down to the friendliest t-girl shop/home in the land, their prices should shame the other rip-off merchants who fleece out purses for every last dime, and you'll be wanting to come back for more time and again.
shameless advertising???, hell no!!!, Dee
I'm gonna give you such a big Ruby hug when I see you, I'm gonna burst your suspender belt, mwah, xxxxxx

Hi Dee
Thanks for everything you do for us girls,you are an exceptionaly kind and trustworthy person,long may dee selecta continue,best thing ever happened to me finding you
Love Lisa xx

If you're a shy t-girl and haven't got any friends to share it with, then pop over to Dee's, the moment you walk in the door you aren't alone any more.

As to the question; 'what is Deeselecta?' it's simple, just imagine Transformation without the ludicrous prices, the shit gear, the hard sell and the cold unfriendly atmosphere and you'll have a start.

Thank you Dee for creating a home for us all.

Onwards and Upwards darling!

Amanda xxxx

Amanda is bang on the money with how she describes it all.

And Dee, well a few years ago I was one of those shy, unsure chix that she describes. I went to the club that she used to run for my first time dressed outside a Hotel room or home. Nervous doesn't quite do how I was feeling justice!

I got dolled up and hesitantly stepped out into the club in my shiny silver mini, black thigh boots and the long red hairstyle that I used at the time. It seemed that everyone knew everyone else and I was gonna end up stood in a corner on my own nursing a drink and a straw!

I got to the bar and ordered a Red Bull, Dee knew I was new, spotted how nervous I was and actually made me feel like I was the only chick in the place!
She told me I looked great when I wasn't so sure, asked me where I'd got my skirt, introduced me to people and the conversations that were going on around me. I made lifelong freinds that day, a couple of the admirers I met and who came over to speak to me are guys who I can call amongst my closest freinds on the TV scene.

If I hadn't gone that day, met Dee and been blown over by the help she gave me, then this sassy, sexy and naughty chick (lol, I'm joking) would probably never have got out of her own back room!


Well hunny you say you would never have got out off dee's back room, I never wished to eather as it was such fun but dee bing dee i had two and boy becouse off her i have someone who likes me on this site so yes dee can and will bring us on and out.
love u dee xx and have one or two on me .

sharha xxx

Fab shop lovely staff dee knows how to make you feel look good and give you the confidence to go out

Danielle xxx

A wonderful venuealovely mix of friendly people.

Dee is adorable

Good shop very reasonable prices

Dee is even more minxy in real life .

Oh and gorgeous sandwiches on party afternoons

Dee selecta is the in place to be,Dont miss out

Love Alex

Wonderful shop, so very relaxed and safe
congratulations Dee, you are a star x Lee

Great place all nice tvs there and dee is great I will be going again love pammy

Can I please just add that I went to Dee Selecta on Wednesday, and this was my first time, in summary, it was simply fantastic.

All the people, at this great facility, were great with me, they put me at ease, made a great brew, they talked to me as a normal human being (Rare today, LOL) and Dee did a stunning make up job on me. (I nearly fancied myself)

I was walked to the nearby club by the staff (Bless them!) who phoned them in advance to make sure they were open and that they had a secure locker available. (All of which of course they didn't have to do, but they volunteered to)

I was helped when I returned later, cleaned up and able to store my clothes etc.

So, I'll be going back, as often as I can, especially for the parties, and I really hope this venture a great success, as I think we need more of them too.

A Massive "Thankyou" to Dee and all the staff, you were all great, and I very much look forward to see you again soon, and Sally, I was gutted I didn't see you earlier, when I was dressed