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Dee Selecta dressing service and makeovers
3 Hour make- over  and dressing service   
Silicone breasts.
Shape wear
Underwear sets Free to take home
Suspender belt.
Stockings.Free to take home.
Choice of outfit.
Choice of shoes.
Accessories to match outfit 
Make-up applied by qualified beauty therapist. 
20 photos to take home on disc
Tea,coffee or cold drinks throughout  session
Bargain price £80.00
Browse in the shop ,relax in lounge area,listen to music ,read magazines ,chat to others  .
All party dates will be £10 extra
Bookings now being taken 
Care and attention is paid to making sure that every trace of make up is removed at the end of session
Now only £120.00
All day  Make -over and dressing service 6 Hours
Includes all in 3 hour session plus
Manicure then false nails applied and enameled or own nails manicured and enameled.
30 photos to take home on disc
Care and attention is paid to making sure that every trace of make up is removed at the end of your appointment. This is  the most importance part of the make over as clients need to leave the building with confidence.
   1 Hour  Make- over Session
Bring your own clothes and accessories
Make-up applied by qualified beauty therapist.
10 photos to take home on disc
Tea,coffeee or cold drinks throughout  session

Only £50.00
 3 hours dressing
Bring you own clothes and accessories.Apply you own make up and dress in a safe comfortable friendly enviromment


 Dress go,x2
Get dressed ,go out ,change back and remove make-up  in a safe comfortable enviroment .

Dress and go
Get dressed in a safe comfortable enviroment and go on your travels 


Make over lesson 


Learn how the professionals create a flawless complexion and then apply colours and shading to accentuate your personal features to make you truly photogenic.

Make your cosmetics work harder for you, and save time with industry tips and tricks.

Whether it's that all important, party, or special date, we all need to look our best - but when it comes to makeup, are you as confident as you would like to be?

Make up lessons are a popular part of the service at Dee Selecta which is usually a natural progression after a makeover.

Each lesson takes approximately 1 hour .

 Only £60